JMartínez feat. CCCatch - Unborn Love - (Masby Music Video)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY C.C.CATCH (Spanish Fanclubs 31.7.2010)

CCCatch tourimpressions part 1

C.C.Catch -One Night´s not Enough (HOUSE of USHER Mix)

C.C. Catch - Heaven And Hell`2000 ( Hell Mix )

You Shut A Hole In My Heart (by Panter)

C.C.Catch - Heaven And Hell ( Rizzo Wolt Remix)

One Nights not Enough (Video Remix 2006)

C.C. Catch new album samples!!!

Summer Kisses (Video Remix by Donn)

C.C.Catch - How Does It Feel (Donn Video Remix)

CC Catch - Nothings Gonna change our love (d1mka mix)

C.C.Catch - Are You Serious

C.C.Catch - Little by Little (Donn video Remix)

C.C. Catch - Summer Kisses

C.C.Catch - Waiting For Tonight (Donn Remix Video)

C.C.Catch - Papa Don't Preach (Cover de Madonna-Comeback United)-Directo

C.C.Catch - Heartbeat City

C.C.Catch - Stay

C.C.Catch - Give Me What I Want (Apollo Video Remix)

C.C.Catch - Silence (House of mystic light) by Donn

CC Catch - Love Away (Fotoclip)

C.C.Catch - Born on the Wind

...¡¡¡Cómo me gusta esta canción!!! Lo siento por el comentario que no procede pero es así. David Masegosa.